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Legitimate research is called -search for a reason: only through repetitive filtering and patient sifting will you achieve the depth of understanding that a controversial topic deserves.

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If you're interested in a complex or obscure topic—the history of the mullet, for example—your best bet is to ask an expert on that subject.If you're interested in a broader topic or want an overview of a subject, the generalists usually provide you with better results.There are hundreds, if not thousands, of experts in specific subjects that can answer your questions on the web.One of your best sources of expert information is your local librarian.In hard research, the credibility of every resource must be able to withstand intense scrutiny.

B) ' Soft research' describes topics that are more subjective, cultural, and opinion-based.

You should know the hard or soft nature of your topic to point your search strategy where it will yield the most reliable research results.

A) ' Hard research' describes scientific and objective research, where proven facts, figures, statistics, and measurable evidence are absolutely critical.

You must either directly quote the author, or rewrite and summarize the content (along with appropriate citing).

But to restate the author's words as your own is illegal, and will get you a failing mark on your thesis or paper.

Maybe you are relieved, maybe you are more afraid, maybe you've just learned something and opened your mind that much more.