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The series had a total of 12 main characters, with some characters portrayed by multiple actors.

Jo Marie Payton originally appeared on Perfect Strangers in 1987 in the recurring role of Harriette Winslow, the elevator operator for the Chicago Chronicle.

He takes his job seriously and it is often suggested that he is very good at what he does, despite having an incompetent if genial boss in Lt. Fitting into the cop stereotype, he has an avid love for doughnuts and other junk food.

Carl's mother Estelle moved in with them in the first episode, and that is essentially how the show began.Compared to the later seasons, it seemed rather quaint.Although Steve is relentlessly annoying and has cost the Winslow family large amounts of time and money from his own clumsy demeanor, he has shown he's more mature than Eddie is in accepting responsibility.Carl is often there to back Steve up and help him out in times of distress.Finally, both had a local hangout/burger joint that burned down due to carelessness by one of the characters, only to reopen under new management.

Family Matters is an American sitcom revolving around the Winslow family, a middle-class African-American family living in Chicago; the series ran for nine seasons (eight on ABC and one on CBS). Midway through the first season, the show introduced the Winslows' nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel (played by Jaleel White), who quickly became its breakout character and eventually a main character.

This was a pleasant surprise to the producers (the show was on the brink of cancellation due to poor ratings, so anything that might draw an audience was welcomed), who quickly signed up White to return as a regular.

His wackiness and prominence got to the point where Steve was the go-to example of an extraverted nerd.

He holds his position as "King of the Castle" (a self-proclaimed "Big Kahuna") very seriously; however, he is easy to admit defeat to Harriette when involved in typical marital disputes.

Carl is often constantly annoyed, irritated and always being bothered by his pesky neighbor, Steve Urkel, who has a very high level of respect for Carl and affectionately calls Carl "Big Guy".

on ABC (as one of the anchors to the newly-formed TGIF block) with background character Harriette Winslow and her husband Carl, a policeman.