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How do your dark browns and rich reds keep their Colour? A lot of dogs lately are having food allergies so we are providing this information Food for you to read about. (Only some of our awards, the rest are in boxes as we are still in boxes) Our dog's have Health, Temperament, Beauty, Brains ~AND~ the Certificates and Tiles to back it up ! We can't guarantee against bloat, torsion or cancer or environmental factors that we have no control over. Do you have a Puppy Application Form What Items do I need to buy for my puppy ...... Each of our dogs are Health Tested for all "CONCLUSIVE" health testing available today, Which the Ortopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) offers.

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If your dog is vomitting and having diarrhea they need Vet care ASAP as they will get dehydrated fast. You can view our contract by clicking here: CONTRACT A lot of environmental exposures can mimic hereditary health problems normally associated with the breed.An injured dewclaw has a major amount of blood loss and excruciating pain to the dog. Red Standard Poodle Toy is the smallest under 10", Minatures are 10"-15", Standard Poodle is over 15" Registries such as the CKC, AKC, UKC, only have 3 sizes of Poodles that they officially recognize & register. Larger standard poodle at 28" tall and a normal standard poodle sized at 24" tall Brown Miniature and Brown Standard Poodles Breeders however have created marketing phrases to emphasis the size of their poodles.As a result of all of this we now routinely remove the dewclaws to ensure our pups are injury free. So phrases like "Tea Cup" for really small Toy Poodles, "Moyen/Klein" for larger miniature poodles or "Royal Sized" for larger Standard Poodles, which are marketing tools to describe heights. I often get asked "how do you measure a dog" so above is a photo illustrating how to measure from the ground to the dog's withers/shoulders.Are you prepared to feed and let the puppy out to toilet (with you there with them to praise) every 6 hours ? Have you found a Groomer in your area and are you prepared to pay their fee every 3 months or learn yourself ? Do you have the patience and time to train a puppy? Have you found a Vet that you would like to have work 'with' you ? We put together a web page on: "Showing and What to Bring to Dog Shows" (For Bijou People only email for info) *Know the Standard Poodle Breed Standard *Events you can do with your Bijou Poodle ...

Are you prepared to be a responsible owner and not have your dog bark or disturb your neighbors ? You understand that Bijou Poodles will at any time in the puppy's life take that puppy back, no matter what. We do not do refunds, as our pups are not disposable nor do we offer "test runs". They do arrive as confident happy puppies willing and eager to learn from you. Please Read: Am I really Ready for my first Puppy ? Bijou Poodles requires a 0.00 deposit to secure a puppy from our Litter. Did you fill out our Application Do you do Health Testing? ~ 4 AKC CA Titled (Coursing Ability Title) AKC's First Standard Poodle IN AKC HISTORY !!!

You can veiw all of our health testing Certificates by looking up our dogs on the OFA web page.

Is there any difference in Temperaments between the Colours ? What is in a Puppy Package what does a Puppy come with? Although each of our Poodles are CHIC Registered, we go above and beyond that minimal testing to complete: Hip Dysplasia, Elbow Dysplasia, Patella Luxation, Thyroid Disease, Legg-Calve-Perthes, Congenital Cardiac Disease Full Dentition, Degenerative Myelopathy, Von Willebrand's Disease, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures Disorder CMTP (Congenital Macrothrombocytopenia), prcd-PRA and CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation ) Tested. As well as DNA Colour Testing our Poodles against carrying recessives or dilute which is "believed" to cause poodles to fade in colour.

~ 3 UKC CAX Titled (Coursing Aptitude Excellent title) Standard Poodles FIRST IN HISTORY !!

*Click Here to view our Current Activities We believe that if someone breeds, that they should be proving that what they are breeding is worthy of being reproduced, We believe that they should be proven physically sound and correct (by a Grand Championship title), that they have brains (through a Performance Title) and that they are healthy (as of 2015 with 12 OFA and DNA health clearances) ~ UKC Championed "24" Standard Poodles with multiple Group Wins and Best in Show Wins (more on the way) ~ UKC GRAND Championed "10" Standard Poodles since 2010 ~ 12 Rally Obedience Level 1 Titles (many High in Class wins) ~ 6 Rally Obedience Level II (many High in Class wins) ~ 6 Rally Obedience Level III (high in Class wins and HIGH IN TRIAL) ~ 4 Poodles with URX legs (with Class Wins and High in Class) ~ 3 UKC Weight Pulling Titled Poodles ~ 3 NADA Weight Pulling Titled Poodles ~ 8 UKC CA Titled (Coursing Aptitude Titled) Standard Poodles FIRST IN HISTORY !!!

Are you prepared for the first week of no sleep while crate training your puppy ? Our pups only live only to please you their owners. You need to carefully consider your commitment (financially, emotionally and physically) to having a puppy, before leaping into a purchase. ~ 3 Alter Champions (shown by their owners), with Group and multiple Best in Show wins ~ 1 Alter Rally Obedience Title (shown by their owner) ~ CGC Certificates ~ CD titles ~ St.