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My works cover two domains, gravity and sedimentology, for which the intellectual concepts involved – in the absence of fundamental experiments – could lead to erroneous deductions.

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From there he calculated the mass of the sun as being equal to 330,000 times that of the earth and much greater than that of the other planets.He concluded that the sun was the centre of gravity of the solar system which included the Earth.This made reason the light, from which comes the expression « Enlightenment Philosophy » It was not without consequences for the other scientific disciplines, as will be seen in geology, because rationalism inverses scientific reasoning.Instead of founding hypotheses on observed and experimental facts, it privileges the from reasoning such as principles, postulates and laws and retaining the facts, sometimes badly interpreted, which supported them.Tycho-Brahe, who was the astronomer of the King of Denmark, made a great number of measurements of the position and distance of the planets.

Kepler used and added to them in his special study of Mars, from which he formulated his three laws in his works “Astronomia Nova” and “Harmonices Mundi.” So far all the study concerned the planets but not the Earth.

In the social and political realms the Revolution was fermented, first against the Church, followed by the monarchies, the Terror and the Napoleonic wars.

In 1687, Newton formulated the laws of universal gravitation in his To judge its validity one must refer to Newton’s proposition VI.

It was described this way by Aristotle in his « De Cœlo ».

Four centuries later, the astronomer Claude Ptolemy, in his work “”, which took into account his measurements of the position of known planets, established Aristotle’s philosophical theory as a scientific theory.

From his calculations of their approximate distance from the Sun, he assigned them a circular orbit, which Kepler demonstrated soon after to be an ellipse, with the Sun as one focus.