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Rachel and her beau, Jamie Linden, have not spoken publicly about the birth, but they were seen carrying an infant while out to lunch earlier this month.

She played it in a much more ethereal but still kind of scary way.She was more frightening, but oddly, less intimidating." When Mc Adams eventually edged out Seyfried for the role, Waters still had yet to cast Karen, Regina's dim-bulb acolyte.on Tuesday (April 24) at BMCC Tribeca PAC in New York City.It was just announced earlier this month that the 39-year-old actress secretly gave birth to a baby boy recently!"She'll actually give credit to Amy for this, because Amy is more of the rap person," said Waters.

"Amy definitely coached him on how to do the rap, and she actually gave him some of the moves and choreography for it." Kevin was played by actor Rajiv Surendra (who recently caused an online stir when he debuted a buff physique quite unlike nerdy Kevin's), and Waters said Surendra was a last-minute fit for the role: "It's funny, the part was actually supposed to be 'Kevin Ngor,' a Korean math nerd, but we couldn't find an Asian actor in Toronto who was good enough to play him."And I think it was [producer] Lorne Michaels who had the genius idea of saying, 'What about the dumb girl?I think Amanda could play the dumb girl,'" remembered Waters.Who was originally cast in the movie, and in what roles? And whaty, opening this Friday) be your guide behind the scenes with these ten juicy stories about the movie. Waters and Lohan first worked together on the 2003 remake of Freaky Friday, and he knew from the start that he wanted Lohan in Mean Girls ...but not as Cady, the role she would eventually play."It's weird, but Paramount had a nervousness about Waters was even higher on Poehler, who was cast as Regina's deliriously deluded mother even though she's only seven years older than her screen daughter Mc Adams.