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If you take an Enneagram quiz online for free, you'll also get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses, which is a huge help when approaching a relationship.The Myers-Briggs test is a bit of an OG in the personality test world.”One personality test that's been making a name for itself more recently is the Enneagram Type Indicator.

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And while your love language can have a huge impact on how your relationships work, the test is still really valuable for single people.

It's a chance to understand how they approach relationships — and what they need from them.

The best personality quizzes are the ones where you've really felt like you learnt something about yourself that you can take with you and apply to your everyday life.

And one of the best ways to do that is through relationship quizzes.

I have my own personal list of questions I ask a potential partner, but here are 36 questions if you can't think of any. I'm not suggesting that you and your new partner are getting married.

But, if you are trying to decide if you two are compatible long-term, these are the hard questions you should ask. If you and your partner want to see what this quiz says your kinks are, it's worth it.“I believe the relationship theory of love languages are very relevant to finding your perfect match, but not in the way that most people assume,” senior matchmaker and dating coach Lori Salkin tells Bustle.“People do not need to speak the same love language to succeed as a couple, rather they need to understand the love language their significant other speaks.That is not easy; it not only requires understanding the person and how they are different you, but that what is important to them is different from what is important to you and being able to separate your wants and needs from theirs to give them what they want and trust in return that they will give you what you want while neither of you is acting for yourself, but only for the other.If it happens to be you speak the same love language, that is significantly easier!Personality quizzes are a guilty pleasure of — well, of a lot of people.