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And it’s a historical fact that almost all the key characters were also white.

But it will be very strange, in the summer of 2019, to see such a white cast in a wide-release movie.

“At the ranch the next day, Charlie couldn’t stop talking about how he ‘plugged blackie,'” Watson wrote. (Consequence of Sound has suggested Will Smith as Lotsapoppa — if he’s even in the movie.) Unfortunately, Bruce Lee and Bernard “Lotsapoppa” Crowe may be the only obvious “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” roles for people of color.

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Quentin was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 27, 1963.His mother Connie was a health care executive and nurse, while his father Tony was an actor and amateur musician.2.It’s an unusual debate to have around Tarantino, a director known for diverse casting long before campaigns like #Oscars So White.His “Jackie Brown” was almost groundbreaking in its diversity, by 1990s standards: It’s a mainstream film that stars a middle-aged African-American woman (Pam Grier) who is surrounded by a mostly middle-aged cast. Jackson helped make Jackson one of the busiest actors in Hollywood.An African-American man also figures into the Manson story, but almost everyone seems to have forgotten him.

It’s too bad, because he may be the most Tarantino-esque character in the whole Manson saga.

But they’ll be played by white guys Di Caprio and Pitt.

The issue of diversity arose this week when Rotten Tomatoes posted an image of “the incredible cast of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'” and we saw them in their assembled whiteness for the first time. Some wondered why there weren’t more women in the cast. Some said they couldn’t argue with the film’s whiteness because the characters the people are playing were, in reality, white.

When a picture began circulating of the incredible cast for Quentin Tarantino’s feverishly anticipated “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” — including everyone from Leonardo Di Caprio to Brad Pitt to Al Pacino to Margot Robbie — fans were understandably thrilled.

But their excitement was followed by a wave of concern: Is the cast really going to be this white? The film centers around the Manson murders, and the story is a very white one: Charles Manson’s followers and their victims were white, leaving Tarantino few casting options.

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