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This lack of imagination should not be thrown at Biel’s feet.

The undervalued actress gives her all to define Cora outside of the show’s simplistic, grueling machinations of plot but the writing insists on obvious symbolism to get its point across, such as Campos’ close-up on Abbott’s husband leading Cora’s hand to his crotch. Does she read or watch the news and have any thoughts about the world at large?

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“The thing about Treasure Island is, your head comes up, your spirit rises – you know there’s an adventure coming.And that’s exactly the thing about La Belle Sauvage,” he told The Irish Times yesterday.If the point of the series is to uncover the reasons why Cora killed Belmont, there is a modicum of satisfaction in watching her past incrementally revealed.That’s really all the series’ creators seem to care about here, and this attitude diminishes what might have been an electrifying character study into a passable entertainment.For all the backstory that creator Derek Simonds, producer-director Antonio Campos, he of , and their creative team display in the first three episodes, Cora remains largely a cypher, a prominent cog in the mechanism of the story rather than a fully explored character.

She doesn’t seem to have friends to confess to and her relationship with her husband is familiarly drawn as more about convenience and stasis than genuine attraction or like-mindedness.When he announced in February that he was planning not one book but three – and that it would be neither sequel nor prequel but an “equel”, or companion series – the first volume promptly shot to number one, thanks to pre-orders, on Amazon’s bestseller chart.With the new title appearing just as the pre-Christmas frenzy is about to move into top gear, booksellers are hoping it will provide a sales boost equivalent to that of last year’s Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.The case itself is open and shut for all intents and purposes.As the USA series’ marketing material stresses, however, the story is not about how the killing went down but rather why Cora took her pear-cutting knife and stuck it into Belmont seven times.It’s a fair bet that the dreaming spires of Oxford didn’t get much sleep last night as the first book in Philip Pullman’s long-awaited new fantasy trilogy was launched in the author’s home town.