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As others have said, not alining the lens on a true vertical plane means having to crop the edges to remove the distortion or re-shoot the frame. Upgradingļæ½from the Tamron 15-30, I wasn't sure this pricey lens would be worth it. Canon needed a wide angle solution to compete with this amazing Nikon glass. I've only had the lens for a week but I'm very impressed so far.

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But, the 11-24 is almost every use has proved itself my front-line lens for just about everything. I thought my tamron was a great lens until I tried this baby out. This lens it is outstanding the optic quality, the excellent construction and the wide coverage at 11mm aloud to take photos that before were not possible unless a panoramic was done.

Any distortion is minor in comparison with other lenses the 16-35 or the 17-40 and much better chromatic aberration control. I do architectural photography had I had been using this lens for over three weeks in difference jobs.

Both a Subwavelength Coating (SWC) and an Air Sphere Coating (ASC) have been applied to lens elements to reduce backlit flaring and ghosting for maintained light transmission and high contrast in strong lighting conditions.

A ring-type Ultrasonic Motor (USM), along with an internal focusing system, high-speed CPU, and optimized AF algorithms, are employed to deliver fast, precise, and near-silent autofocus performance as well as full-time manual focus override.

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In regard to focusing performance, a ring-type Ultrasonic Motor offers fast, smooth, and near-silent autofocus, which is further benefitted by full-time manual focus operation and an internal focusing design.

The lens is both water and dust-resistant, and fluorine coatings have also been applied to the front and rear elements to protect against fingerprints and smudges from affecting image quality.

This lens is easy to use and delivers stunning Super Ultra Wide Shots.