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Ho Chi Minh City nightlife, in Vietnam, is one of the craziest in Southeast Asia.

I lived in the city for a few months in 2015 and this is my report about its best nightclubs, bars, karaokes and beer gardens.

Vietnamese really know how to party so you will find a hell of an atmosphere in those places, with many drunk and stoned people going mental.

In clubs like 02 Gold or DC, it seemed based on my observations that most clubbers were tripping on ecstasy or other drugs I'm not aware of.

Le Meridien has just opened and it is close from the street with Japanese massage parlours (see below "Spa in Saigon").

Some hotels have a casino inside such as New World, Grand Hotel, Caravelle, Renaissance Riverside, Rex, Majestic, Hotel Continental and Sheraton.

In almost every streets of Saigon, you will find a short time / love hotel.

Just pay attention to those advertising 24h check-in and a price by the hour. Prices can be very cheap, from less than 5$ for an hour to rent the room.

Be warned that there is no proper bar: You need to book a table or order a bottle.

Even though it is located just a street away from Bui Vien's backpacker district, you won't see a foreigner in DC Club.

Rich Vietnamese will usually party between themselves in intimate, swanky clubs and bars with very few foreigners inside.