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Janice Bennett received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Journalism in 1973 from Northern Illinois University.After many years as a graphic artist with various companies, she formed her own studio, specializing in typography and design.

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She has traveled extensively in Spain, as well as in many other countries of Europe, Central and South America, Israel, Greece, Egypt, Morocco and Turkey. Comprehensive coverage of the Sudarium of Oviedo, including its history, the scientific investigation, Judaic culture, Biblical analyses, and comparative studies with the Shroud of Turin. Length is 60-90 minutes, depending on the requirements of the host, with one-half hour for questions. Dick Bernatchez is the founder of Faith Based Communications (FBC) [ The presentation takes audiences through the history of each cloth, scientific analyses, current data that refutes the C-14 dating of the Shroud, analogies between the Man of the Shroud and Jesus through scripture, etc.FBC was established to provide presentations/exhibits to groups of any size on subjects related to Christian Faith. The inability to explain the mechanism by which the image on the Shroud was created is also explored, along with the unique photo-negative and 3D characteristics of the image.She also completed a four-year program in Biblical Studies with the Catholic Biblical School of Denver.Janice became interested in the Sudarium of Oviedo in late 1993, and began to translate the published studies of the Centro Espaol de Sindonologa in 1998, which led to her book entitled, Sacred Blood, Sacred Image: The Sudarium of Oviedo, New Evidence for the Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin.Finally, the links among the cloths indicating that each was in contact with the same crucified person, and its implications are examined.

Exhibit materials include full size Shroud images (both positive and negative), an interactive VP8 image analyzer for exploring the 3D characteristics of the Shroud, as well as crown of thorns, crucifixion nails, etc. We also have a presentation entitled, NONE, the speaker brings all required equipment.

Downing pioneered the bodily reconstruction of historical figures using computer graphics when in 2009 he constructed the Virtual Abraham Lincoln, which appeared in the History Channel special "Stealing Lincoln's Body".

He was awarded an Emmy for individual achievement in his craft for creating the first video images of Abraham Lincoln, 150 years after his assassination.

Downing uses the image on the Shroud as the basis for constructing an avatar of the man it once enfolded, a man who bears the specific wounds associated with the historical Jesus.

The program became a worldwide phenomenon and once again stirred interest in the Shroud of Turin as a physical bridge to spiritual beliefs.

He is the founder and president of the Shroud of Turin Advancement Corporation (STAC), a non-profit corporation that has funded and facilitated a number of new and valuable scientific projects in connection with the Shroud.