Problems updating apps on ios 7

Some apps may tend to perform very slow or sluggish, prompting errors, keeps crashing, or restarts by itself simply as the device runs short of internal storage space.While this isn’t likely the case on your end given that what you have is a new device that sports high storage capacity, it’s also worth to consider memory problems among the possible causes.

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You need to establish a stable connection with the apps server in order to process download requests.

Without a stable or active network connection, most likely you will be prompted with pertinent errors and won’t be able to proceed with new apps or updates download and installation.

Corrupted files are erroneous contents that are inoperable.

Thus when an i Phone app becomes corrupted, you won’t be able to use it.

For example, the i Phone camera may not work because some components of the camera are damaged.

This is possible especially if there were prior instances of dropping or liquid exposure on the i Phone.

Random apps crashes, failure to load or not working apps are common indicators of software glitches and bugs affecting the i Phone system.

There are also other cases where an i Phone app begins to show adverse symptoms due to memory issues.

For example, if the app started to show adverse behaviours after making changes to certain app settings or options, try to revert the changes and see what happens.

It’s possible that the recent changes you’ve made are incorrect and thereby triggered an app error to manifest.

In mobile devices, the operating system serves as the framework or skeletal system while apps serve as significant organs or key components that make the entire system intact. The same thing goes with apps that are not working on your phone.