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According to local media, one proponent was University of Tennessee campus minister Kally Elliott."We have a lot of students who come into our campus ministry with their story being one of hurt and shame given to them by the church," said Elliott."Our goal is to share with them the love of Jesus Christ and to let them know that they are fully loved, fully welcomed as they are, who they are."Last June the PCUSA General Assembly held in Detroit, Michigan, voted in favor of a recommendation to amend the denomination's Book of Order regarding the definition of marriage."A proposed amendment to change the constitution to include same-gender marriages in the church's constitution passed the General Assembly but must be ratified by a majority of the church's 172 regional presbyteries," explained PCUSA in a FAQ document."Presbyteries have one year to vote on the proposed amendment."But in church, I don't think they should preach that the gay and lesbian lifestyle is their right."Across the courtyard, Judy and Ken Kerri explained why they've stood with the progressives.Dating sites offer occasional promotions and attractive subscription plans.It starts innocently enough when we discover, while checking email and browsing news, that there is a software update for the G4 Power Mac, which is Apple's sole representative on our network.As a result in 2012 a group of conservative Presbyterians founded the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians, which presently boasts more than 200 member congregations.Others may put more emphasis on visuals and will provide minimal data.In a meeting held in Chattanooga, delegates spoke for and against Amendment 14-F.