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Our dating and hook-up culture has trivialised finding a partner and creating a genuine relationship based on truth, value and integrity.We have become conditioned to go on lots and lots of dates with lots and lots of people, in the process, losing site of individual worth and relationship values.Therefore, in this talk we will discuss how to date more effectively from the perspective of building a meaningful relationship and what to do to give a new relationship the best possible start. Her Ph D research concentrated on romantic relationships cross-culturally.She also has a Master's in Counselling Psychology and is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a license as a Marriage Family Therapist from the United States.Additionally, you will learn how to develop a deeper awareness of your dating patterns and how to shift from unconscious behavior to conscious behaviors. All genders, all orientations, regardless of relationship status.

Facilitated by our wonderful Awakened Living Practitioner Beverly Green.

Is the only solution to keep dating more people in hopes that the right person will eventually come along?

Here’s the problem, finding the right one isn’t just a numbers game – you can’t simply date as many people as possible hoping one sticks.

The First Friday of Each Month PM - PMAwakened Living3630 Telegraph Ave.

The Guide to Successful Dating and Romantic Life in 2018Have you gone on more dates than you can count but are left feeling even more discouraged about finding the right person and creating a meaningful relationship?

You can’t figure out what’s going on, you meet someone you are attracted to and for a while things appear fine but the relationship ends. Let’s have fun exploring your heart’s desire in dating while moving towards a fresh new experience that allows for your authentic self to shine.