Power affirmations turbocharge your dating success

Which ultimately was the best thing that happened to me.By losing everything, I finally stopped looking at all the outside factors (crooked partner, IRS, economy, etc.), and started looking at the inside ones.

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You'll change, and then your friends won't like you anymore."So they will find ways (like I did) to sabotage their success.

Which in the work-at-home program would manifest as theft, fraud, shoddy standards (getting their 3 year old to do it), begging for extra work, early payment, more payment because they “really need it,” lots of problems regarding missing work packets and missing payments, and lots of work never returned or heard from again. Well first we must acknowledge the "data-sphere" - the Internet, TV, telephone, radio, magazines, radio, friends, family, newspapers, e-mail, governments, organized religion, and other “agenda setters.” And we must recognize that this data-sphere is continually programming people 24/7, and that almost 95% of it is lack and limitation programming.

Yes it's true other people aren't getting thrown out on the street - but that's because they pay their mortgage. They see themselves as poor victims who "need" some of the money, "luck" and "chances" that rich people have.

Yes it's true that other people don't have their tire blow out on their way to the interview for that good job - but that's because they deferred getting cable TV and bought new tires when they needed them. And just like if you give they a lottery pay-off, the home work opportunity will have the same result, although less dramatic.

Recently I had a dialogue via e-mail with my friend Stuart Goldsmith in London. He originally wrote me about his desire to create a work at home type of plan to help people get off government assistance and become independent.

Stuart attended my Bermuda Boot Camp and published an insightful newsletter in the U. (He thought perhaps an envelope stuffing, assembly, or similar type of plan might work.And before you disregard this as mystical fluff, I am talking about rational, scientific events here.Ex: you are attracted to another dysfunctional alcoholic spouse, choose another dishonest partner, open a business without doing the due diligence, spend your money on cigarettes and beer, but have none left to pay the rent, or a million and one other possibilities.Try as I might to embrace Stuart’s idea for a home work program for welfare recipients, it still reeks to me as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.Creating home work jobs for most of these people is casting pearls before swine or whatever appropriate cliché you'd like to substitute. )I still believe that what I said is true though, based on my own experience, and that of the "circle of losers," I associated with for the first 30 years of my life.In actuality, once you understand the principles involved, you’ll understand that my comments only come from wanting the highest good for others.