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Such a prescription must be an order for a drug which is prescribable under the NHS and which is not designated “Prescription Only Medicine” (POM) under Section 58(1) of the Medicines Act 1968, or for a prescribable dressing which does not contain a product which is designated POM.No prescription charge is payable when a bulk prescription is dispensed.

Further information can be found on our Controlled Drug prescription forms and validity and Who can prescribe what? need to be sent to the Pricing Authority separately to NHS prescription forms at the end of the month for audit purposes.You will need a private dispensing code, which is separate to your normal OCS code, when you fill in the FP34PCD under A/C ID.A separate prescription form should be issued for each individual patient; the only exception to this is ‘bulk prescriptions’.Part VIIIA, Notes, Paragraph 9 of the Drug Tariff outlines the arrangements for bulk prescriptions: A “Bulk” prescription is an order for two or more patients, bearing the name of a school or institution in which at least 20 persons normally reside, for the treatment of at least 10 of whom a particular doctor is responsible.As of July 1, I will be prohibited by state law from prescribing more than a seven-day supply of an opioid for acute pain.

I also will be prohibited from postdating prescriptions; so, if I discharge a patient from the hospital on a Saturday and give them a prescription for an opioid, I cannot legally write a new one until the following Sunday.

Further information can be found on our Who can prescribe what? Only items listed in the Dental Formulary (Part XVIIA of the Drug Tariff) can be prescribed on this prescription form.

Dentists are strongly advised to prescribe generically; however, they can prescribe by its brand equivalent name provided it is not listed in Part XVIIIA of the Drug Tariff (the blacklist).

The prescription should bear the name of the school of institution concerned.

More information about bulk prescriptions can be found in Part VIIIA, Notes, Paragraph 9 of the Drug Tariff.

Forms annotated with the initials RD are repeat dispensing forms.