maturedatinguk co uk Post dating checks legal

Maybe it is different from state to state in America, because I am from the USA, and I have written/received post dated checks.When I receive them, the bank WILL NOT cash the check until the date of the check.One note: Collection agencies in the US are permitted to elicit post dated checks with the promise to hold them until the date on them.

I worked with a collection agency to get back to clean status, and they required me (or at least talked me into) submitting a couple of post dated checks to get things rolling.

They honored their promise not to cash until the proper date, but it was a nervous few months, since I really didn't know if theyd wait.

The judge also stated that the check was no better than the paper it was printed on.

The judge though DID order the defendant to pay our company for products delivered, which he eventually did.

Yes, I believe its acceptable pre date or post date a check, as long as the funds are there when you say they'll be and the funny dating isn't interfering with anything else like a due date or a contract obligation.

But it may not be acceptable to who you are giving it to and that's would be a different matter.

You can post date a chk, but you are taking your chances.

Banks do not look at the dates and will and can run them through early.

Well it is legal as stated and it is risky for the maker of the check.

If a post dated check makes it past the teller or into the processing system, then it is all over... However, if you notify your bank that there is a post dated check out there, they will have to find a way to make certain that check is not paid. If you fail to do so, you have no recourse against the bank.

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