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Simplicity is the key to success and if the average person is unable hum all the notes of a song then it would probably fail to chart on the mainstream formats.

Perhaps, that is true reason for Rihanna and Katy Perry’s prolific careers.

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” It is true that Adele had a phenomenal year and appealed to a wide range of listeners but is she really an amazing vocalist or is her talent exaggerated when compared to her feeble competition?

Honestly, Adele does not execute the vocal gymnastics of Jessie J or Leona Lewis.

I post a lot on here, yes, but I post even more on AO3 since a few of my fandoms are more active over there. I also have a Tumblr, where I reblog mostly cute fanart and writing tips, but I also post some art and writing on there as well.

Find me at twilightjoltik-toumei.-Main fandoms-Hetalia- write for a lot of different characters, but I find I write an awful lot of Veneziano and his family.

-Current Stories/Ideas-Re: Magitalia- Probably a working title.

I just kind of want to give myself experience with editing, and while I like how Magitalia turned out for the most part, I also think it could have turned out a lot better had I known what I was doing and who I wanted to use from the start.No real preferences with pairings here, because even if I did, they would all end in tragedy because everyone turns into butter or pulls a Thanatos Gambit or bleeds to death.Asagao Academy- as a person who very much likes both gaming Youtubers and stories that play with tropes in interesting ways, I'm a big fan of the dating sim.Mainly, the rewrite would just have a bit more characterization for certain characters and also put the focus a bit more on a few specific characters.Like Belarus, I want her to do some things other than dying horribly. Possibly experiment with some less common pairings as well, because as much as I like Ger Ita and Giripan, I keep seeing more interesting directions I could have gone. I usually just call it the Danganronpa Superhero AU. Which is weird because I also have a lot of (mostly) unrelated ideas for a hero team of Sakura, Asahina, Touko, and Celestia.Gaga, on the other hand, ruled the charts with ‘Bad Romance’ – a song that was also geared toward club audiences. Not considering Aguilera’s horrendous PR in 2010, the single tanked because she was doing too much .