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She had previously gone missing in Hong Kong, where she was eventually found aboard another warship in the harbour — so it is thought she may have become fed up with Argonaut's long and monotonous voyages and sought adventure elsewhere.

Minnie was a tabby, with immaculate white paws and breast.Her first action was at the D-Day invasion of the Normandy beaches, where none of the pandemonium appeared to affect her routine of sleeping, eating and doing her rounds.Cats, being attached to a territory as much as to people, are better mascots for a ship's company — or perhaps for an air-force base — than they are for an army regiment which is likely to be on the move for much of the time during war.The story of Simon of HMS Amethyst is well known and it seems likely that one reason he didn't survive in quarantine was simply that he pined so much for his ship and his friends on board.Barham went on to see service in the Second World War but was sunk by a U-boat in 1941.

HMS Belfast The light cruiser Belfast, launched in 1938, had a cat on board in 1942/3 called Frankenstein.The image of the kitten (centre) seen apparently hanging onto the ship's bell for dear life is used by courtesy of the HMS Barham Association.Later, perhaps in 1916, there appear to have been both a ship's dog and a ship's cat (outer), who were evidently friendly enough to have their photo taken together.The kitten, name unknown, is sitting on the gun's loading tray.HMS Barham This battleship was launched in 1914 and commissioned the following year.Subsequently she sailed with Argonaut to the French Riviera; to Palermo, in Sicily; Colombo and Trincomalee in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka); the Dutch East Indies; Sydney and Fremantle in Australia; several of the larger Pacific island groups; and when news of the Japanese surrender was received in 1945, her ship was off Tokyo.