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Charity events and volunteer groups are also great.

Learn more about the Bronx River Greenway Come to this beautiful waterfront park in Long Island City for a stunning sunset through the buildings of Manhattan's skyline. Host a barbecue for two at the free hibachi grills and picnic tables at Pier 5. Try rock climbing under the Manhattan Bridge, and go roller skating at Pier 2.There are seating areas along the waterfront and a café at the pavilion. More information about Hunters Point South Park Explore NYC on free and low-cost canoeing, rowing, and kayaking trips with our park rangers and friends. Escape to Pier 6—the most romantic side of the park—where there's a flower meadow and waterfront seating for the best view of the sunset.Yes, there's a floating pool in the East River!The refurbished barge, also known as The Floating Lady, is our only floating pool. She once left the Bronx for Brooklyn, but after a short stint at Brooklyn Bridge Park she moved back uptown to Hunts Point and docked at Barretto Point Park.We don't want you to put your relationship to the challenge, but what better way to tickle your competitive sides! Take the Blue Trail to explore the forest (the last remaining natural forest in Manhattan and one of the best places to spot a bald eagle), as well as historic sites like Shorakkopoch Rock (where Manhattan was purchased) and the site of Fort Cockhill, which was built by the Continental Army.

More information about Inwood Hill Park Immerse yourself in nature's splendor at this charming park, with pathways that lead through preserved forests, meadows, and across footbridges that look out on serene views of the park's lakes.More information about Brooklyn Bridge Park Step into 28 acres of strikingly, beautiful botanic gardens at Wave Hill, a city gem overlooking the Hudson River.Take a romantic stroll through the garden and woodland areas, tour the mansion, bring a picnic (or grab a bite at the café), and take in the view from the Pergola by the waterside.Enjoy the great outdoors as you explore eight miles of scenic waterfront parks and recreational activities along the Bronx River.Check out beautiful waterfalls at the 182nd Street Dam in River Park and at Mitsubishi Riverwalk near Lydig Avenue and Bronx Park East in Bronx Park.Rent a boat and cruise along with the ducks, go fishing, dine at the Stone House, and wander through the park to Staten Island's largest living thing—a 170-foot-tall tulip tree that is about 300 years old.