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However to keep things interesting, you have to constantly replenish your fuel gauge by taking out fuel tanks scattered throughout the landscape. Arika / Capcom 1998 As we moved well into the 90's it was only natural that the famed Street Fighter games would attempt their transistion into the 3D world.

This transision was not always a good one for most games of the time, and although the Street Fighter EX series wasn't perfect, it was actually a fresh and interesting re-take on the well established series.

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Jump in the drivers seat with a friend, and enjoy the rock-solid 60 frames-per-second high-resolution (for the time) graphics which somehow still present well today as the game is dripping with presentational quality.

We've kicked 2018 off with a BANG and I can assure you that there's plenty more awesome arcade titles to come!

It was perhaps a smart move to only carry over a few Street Fighter mainstays, and instead bring a hoard of new characters to the EX roster.

Fans of the SF series will be able to get into play quickly, although time will be required to adapt to the new play mechanics.

We're super excited to release R-Type Leo, the huge followup to R-Type II, and the last R-Type game to be released in arcade with no home ports produced.

The game features a revised play system, interactive level design, massive bosses with incredible graphics by the team at Nanao, who are better known for making the worlds best CRT screens!

Namco Bandai Games 2007 (Nintendo Triforce) Developed by Namco under the watchful eye of Nintendo exclusively for the arcade, we are incredibly exciting to bring this Japanese only arcade game to 1UP!

While the Mario Kart game franchise needs no introduction, this arcade spcific version most certainly does.

This would turn out to be STI's last game before the studio closed up, but the title ended up being Sega's most successful US title to date!

In the game, you take control of John Mc Clane (or Bruno Delinger in the Japanese version, Dynamite Deka), bashing your way through a series of fun-filled levels.

We are proud to offer the largest publically available selection of retro arcade games in Australia, right here in Morningside Brisbane!