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I'm a terrible house guest." Steve's main motivation for allowing Tim the residence was that of basic human compassion.As mentioned, Tim didn't have any family in the area, nor did his homeowners insurance cover displacement.

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It didn't take long for one to realize, however, that his hulking presence was merely a facade.

At his core he was a warm, welcoming, and jovial man.

"I really appreciate this Steve." Tim spoke, somewhat solemnly and devoid of his usual jovial tone. Steph and I both feel terrible that you're having to deal with this." Steve paused as he spoke, attempting to further assuage Tim's fears of imposing. Come on in." While extremely welcoming on the outside, internally, Steve wasn't quite as carefree.

He was legitimately depressed over his circumstance - but also genuinely thankful that Steve had stepped up to help him out. There was something inherently awkward about having your boss stay at your home.

She likes to sneak down here for some chocolate." He smirked, "Usually in a state of undress." Tim smiled, "She doesn't like to go topless, does she? Stephanie's tits were a constant source of teasing among all three of them.

Stephanie had spectacular breasts, natural double D's that hung proudly and youthfully, seemingly defying the laws of physics.He shook the negative thoughts from his mind, reminding himself that Tim wasn't just his "boss." While technically accurate, Steve would probably first describe Tim as a friend.They had grown very close over their years together at the small construction company."How in the hell did you land such a smoking hot wife?" Steve, having had a few himself, could only laugh at the comment.He was a loyal man, and he felt it was in his best interest to help Tim out in any way he could.