Pc gamer rss feed not updating

We spend a lot of time reading about news and trends in game and app development.We seek out insights about app and game design, revenue strategies for developers, and the growing free-to-play movement.

The Bad: The RSS feed is truncated to just a byline, and the website is a disaster of an interface. Volume: ~250 posts/month The Good: The biggest positive is their dedication to RSS; they include full story text and images in their feeds.

They also do a wonderful job of offering topic-specific feeds (see all of them here).

The Bad: They produce a lot of industry news content so you'll see a lot of the same stuff that Develop, Gamespot, and Games Industry cover.

Feeds are also truncated, although their lead paragraph is included so it’s easier to sense the direction of each piece.

We include some notes about the feeds themselves below in addition to insights about the quality of their content.

These feeds are in no particular order, and feature consistently strong commentary and insights on app and game development.

The Bad: The RSS feed is truncated to just the title and a byline.

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Below is a list of the best RSS feeds we watch that cover these topics.

This is just our take on the stuff that lives in our RSS reader; we'd love for you to suggest any sources you think we may have missed.

It's a little unorthodox for us to be so focused on RSS feeds, instead of just listing websites or blogs directly.