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He looks like he has been baking his body in the Caribbean sun for the past year, well at least his face and hands.

Andy points out and clearly cues the camera to show the spot of Lawrence’s leg seen in a hole of his jeans.

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Andy seems to side with Lawrence on this one, and I tend to just always side with Andy.

I do see Patti’s point — couples don’t have to run into a bedroom to develop a good relationship.

Why can’t Andy just call it what it is — a stereotype!

The best and last montage was Patti’s rules and of those who break them.

Andy also presents some flashbacks of Patti’s makeover sessions.

Patti explains gay men should be plastic surgeons — Andy is quick to tell her this is another generalization.

With all the gay and Jewish bashing, I totally forgot about Patti’s distaste for the redhead community. But Patti does what she does best explaining she did not mean it like that — yea, right.

Then, Andy reminds me that she also does not like curly hair either. She says the millionaires do not like red, curly hair people.

I knew I should have paid attention in my home ec class. Her acronyms sounded like she was talking in texts like my ten year old cousin does to all her friends.

But unlike my ten year old cousin, Patti’s language gets a little R-rated with all her cursing.

We get to see the Patti we know and love as she explains her brilliant rules and reprimands those who break them. She sticks to her rules and is not scarred to punish those who don’t. Three of Patti’s rule-breaking clients join the couch to dish on what happened and what their status is now.