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He healed on the Sabbath, permitted his disciples to pluck grain, had contact with the unclean, and so on.

Hot damn, didn't realize the harmonic table note layout (the hexagon grid of keys, instead of a musical keyboard) was based on work by Euler.Sorry, random research tidbit for a thing I may be building soon.It’s astonishing that so many people still react as if it’s a surprise, or as if the discovery of one more dumping ground for black bodies is a shock. This is why #blacklivesmatter twitter.com/cbsnews/status… BREAKING: The Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously to pass automatic voter registration Bill THE Senate President Harriette Chandler SAID THIS: "It should be the state's burden to register voters - not yours," ALL 50 STATES SHOULD DO THIS No.Jesus "broke the laws," both religious and civic, several times, which is one of the reasons he was crucified.Pansexual Personals - Kolzak Award, Rose is active in the LGBTQ community.

Kolzak Award, Rose is active in the LGBTQ community.The show’s second season premiere featured self-identified pansexual Lizzy who came out after one year of university and says she is open to all genders saying, “I’m attracted to everyone”.Speaking about being transgender, presenter Anna Richardson said, “Transgender people identify with a different sex to the one they were assigned at birth.Little Jeff Bezos had nothing but the connections of someone who spent years in finance and parents who could front 0,000 for a business loan. When you try to warn people about the President implementing programs which appear to be the early stages of ethnic cleansing and the former director of the United States Ethics department agrees with you. friendly reminder since this is going around again: DO NOT EAT THE RICH! the rich are at the top of the food chain, so they accumulate toxins from their food at a greatly increased rate. Out on the floor a single day, and it's doing something different than expected.#10year Olds Are Mean Anytime I'm all "I've got this, no way this design will go down!Did a random vegan Crème brûlée experiment last night, and it worked fairly well!