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When the same user runs a published application no profile information is displayed because the CPM policy does not apply.Back on the Corporate Desktop machine, the profile displays within .The Namespace contains multiple directories matching the attribute names.

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Keep in mind that last write wins, so the VDA a user logs off last will overwrite any changes that was made in previous sessions.

For example, user creates a desktop shortcut on Server2016VDA1 then logs off.

Profiles cannot traverse forests, however can traverse domains within a forest.

Variables in the user store path should contain %USERNAME% and %USERDOMAIN%.

Alternatively to prevent such a problem, you could consolidate desktops and applications on to the same VDA machines where possible.

Another alternative is to have separate profiles for each “silo”, desktop, application suite however this brings extra management overhead that must be evaluated and taken into consideration.You can distribute profiles to different DFS Namespace member servers.The Path to user store will be set to the DFS Namespace name including a matching attribute such as Department or Location.The user then logs off Server2016VDA2 where the desktop shortcut isn’t present.The change from the last session wins and the shortcut is lost.This includes Desktop, Documents, Downloads and Favorites.