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Please check the video also in regards to recovery of deleted emails from office 365 admin center and through the MFCMAPI tool.I have mentioned each and every step with the proper steps that need to be taken care of.CAS server or Client access server was introduced in Exchange 2007.

This morning I was asked to update the Global Address List and Offline Address Book in an Exchange environment.

You could wait for Exchange to do it automatically (the default schedule is once a day) but what when you want to force the update to take place right now?

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I picked up that there is a lot of questions on Expert Exchange relating to Global Address Lists (GAL's) not updating so I thought that I would create this article to show you how to manually update the Global Address List and verify that it is indeed updating: WHEN WILL YOU USE THIS ARTICLE 1.

FORCE OUTLOOK TO UPDATE THE OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK 1. Just to be sure here: GAL = Global Address List = is used by Outlook clients in Online mode (terminal servers) and OWA. Do we have to ask each user to manually update their OAB or will this happen automatically? To answer your questions: By manually downloading you ensure that it gets done right away.

OAB= Offline Address book = is used by Outlook in cached mode (default on a workstation). And the OAB is a copy of the GAL when you are offline (thus using cached mode) So if either your GAL or OAB is not updating, this article will help you resolve the issue. The GAL does however get updated regularly during the day and your OAB only updates ones a day.

The Offline Address Book (OAB) for Exchange users is generated immediately when your account is created.

However, it becomes available only after maintenance tasks are completed on the Exchange server (usually around AM PST). You should repeat synchronization again after 5 AM PST on Exchange Hosting to retrieve the updated address book from the server.

While in Offline mode you will have to enter the full email address for any recipient that isn't saved in your contacts list.

After completing these steps, you can reopen Outlook, make sure that it is not in Offline mode, and search for an email address to confirm that it is now referencing the most current global address book.

The resulting signature is applied on a server level by Exchange Online.