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His windows were open and the noises he heard were coming from an opened second story window of the house next door. Clay wheeled his chair over to the window and off to the side.

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It was time to take a break from looking at all those figures on the flat screen. He started out in banking, then moved to real estate with great success.

Now, he was an investment advisor and personal account manager and did this all out of his home office.

Clay decided he was going to dismiss this person whoever she was – albeit until he met her.

She turned out to be a force that would not be so easily dismissed nor forgotten. She stood at slightly over six feet in her laced up, old lady, orthopaedic Oxfords, which came in three colours, navy, black and of course nursery white.

So, the new nanny was given all authority to oversee the operations of the home as well as completely governing Clay – his parents’ house, their rules, even at eighteen years of age.

Eightteen-year-old Clay was the ultimate jock boy: tanned, toned, muscular and popular.Clay’s gut was more right than he could have known.However, gut reactions aside, how much do almost eightteen-year-old boys really know of other people’s lives and personal motivations?This passion often drove and motivated her especially when naughtiness and wickedness reared their ugly heads, then Harriett was compelled to duty. Regardless of age, all males were boys to Harriett, and if “boys” were the possessors of exceptional good builds and remarkable posteriors, they were already deemed naughty, period!A duty that she polished and honed through a particular method with ease and skill. The beauty of their posteriors was their wickedness which had to be dealt with, and the pleasure in doing this solemn duty was all Harriett’s.What Clay did know was that Harriet Krum is a nanny by profession.