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Synopsis In July of 2008 a flurry of academic journals and news sources reported a new archaeological artifact that might “shake our basic view of Christianity”—especially about first-century mes-sianic expectations and the resurrection accounts.The new find was a large stone tablet on which was written eighty-seven lines of Hebrew text in ink, but much of the text was missing.

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Francis Schaeffer spent his life advocating a Christian worldview.In the process he fiercely defended the inerrancy of the Scriptures and the existence of God.Francis August Schaeffer, IV was born in 1912 in Germantown, Pennsylvania.Neither of his parents were Christians, and neither of them were well educated.One of the key elements that drew them together was the fact that both were Fundamentalists who strongly believed in the inerrancy of the Scriptures.

Francis proceeded on to the newly established Faith Theological Seminary in Wilmington, Delaware, from which he graduated in 1938.

The books resulted in invitations to speak at universities around the world.

In the second segment of this look at Francis Shaeffer’s fascinating life and theology, we’ll delve into his most important work in literature.1) Michael S.

The message of the text, thought to be composed just before the time of Jesus, is being called Gabriel’s Revelation.

A scholar named Israel Knohl created headlines about this artifact by filling in some of the missing text with words that line up with his idea that the notion of a suffering and dying messiah who rises on the third day was part of the consciousness of Judaism before Christianity emerged and is therefore the source of the stories about Jesus.

She was Edith Seville, who was a student at Beaver College for Women in Pennsylvania.