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The active baby-boomer market will help contribute to the Gym, Health and Fitness Clubs industry’s average annual revenue increase of 2.9% to .9 billion in the five years to 2018.On the road again In pursuit of their social and active lifestyles, an increasing number of baby boomers have bought RVs.For example, sites like Our Time – the largest dating site specifically targeting baby boomers – 55 Alive, Senior Friend Finder, Silver Singles and Executive Senior Dating are all catering to single baby boomers who are increasingly logging online.

In fact, baby boomers comprise one of the fastest-growing demographics in the .1-billion dollar industry.

Additionally, with a growing number of baby boomers surfing the net, inspiring the nickname “silver surfers,” online dating has become more accepted among this age group.

These purchases may be lifelong goals, and retiring baby boomers now have the time and money for motorcycles and boats.

The freedom and social aspects of riding a motorcycle or going boating have encouraged many baby boomers to join motorcycle clubs and yacht clubs.

Due to the generation’s size and wide variety of interests, baby boomers’ desires to offset the aging process has created opportunities for lenders, investors, entrepreneurs and others in a wide variety of industries, from online dating to motorcycle manufacturing.

Back in the dating game According to US Census data, 31.3% of adults aged 50 to 64 are widowed, divorced or never married, making active baby boomers a prime market for the (IBISWorld report 81299a).By 2014 in particular, the retiring baby-boomer generation will likely create strong opportunities for gyms and health and fitness clubs that focus on this massive potential market segment.With more service offerings geared toward this age group, such as water aerobics and exercise classes, a greater number of baby boomers will flock toward the industry.In fact, retired baby boomers make up a dominant share of RV owners, keeping demand strong for the (44121).Thanks to the support from baby boomers, these industries are expected to grow at average annual rates of 5.3% and 2.6%, respectively, in the five years to 2018.To capitalize on this market, online dating service companies will continue to create niche dating networks and services catered to single baby boomers.