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The Find My Phantom function on DJI drones is also designed for this problem, but will again be of no use if the drone itself has no idea where it is.

Hopefully you take the time to examine your options for drone tracking and pick the right choice for your needs. Let us know by dropping a comment below so we can chat about the best uav trackers on the market!

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The limiting factor I don’t necessarily like about the quadcopter tracker Trackimo is the limited battery life of it’s on board battery.

This also means it’s another battery you have to keep charged up constantly to be ready for whenever you want to fly. Tracking your drone has never been easier or this inexpensive.

It transmits bearings and location every 5 seconds, becoming more accurate as you get closer.

Within a close range, you can track your drone or UAV down to a few inches.

This gps tracker for drones does include free software to help you find your drone and an incredible connection so you will almost never lose it!

It only weighs about 40 grams, and can be easily attached to any quadcopter (well I suppose not mini quads).

Battery life is amazing thanks to the point-to-point technology that requires no cellular services and works on RF technology.

That’s right; it is totally independent of any other service or technology.

Following up on i Cam, there are a lot of people who use Eye TV with their mac mini HTPC.

If you own an i Phone, well, now you can access all that over the 3G network.

Ok, so let’s admit, we love our little birds and trust them enough to fly over the lake next door or out of our line of site at times via FPV.