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The game is one of the most popular two player card games ever, and has made multiple appearances in television and movies.

There are many variations of rules and many play with house rules simplifying the more complex official rules.

As an ancient, influential, and massively popular game, Mancala certainly deserves a slot in our top 50. This game is one of a few popular games based on rail systems.

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The game is a lot of fun, and a children’s classic, which is why we chose to enshrine the game in our top 50 of all time. Throughout history the game has spread across the world and versions of it are played in most cultures.There are over 800 different names for Mancala and over 200 known variations of the game. The mechanics of the game, particularly turn construction and capturing rules vary greatly between versions.After Portfolio Night 14 unfolded across the globe last May, the young creative with the best portfolio from each city will be flying to New York City this August for a collaborative experience of a lifetime!In its 14th year, The ONE Paper Fashion Show™ shined light on Denver talent and is the largest of its kind presenting wearable art in motion to over 800 attendees.Humans have been playing games for all of recorded history, and some evidence indicates games predate recorded history.

Indeed some of the most ancient games ever invented still have variations that are played today.Mancala is called the sowing game and was traditionally played with seeds, though modern versions often use stones are glass beads. Various versions also use different sized boards and different numbers of beads.The game has been standardized in the west and uses a basic two row board with which most of our readers will be familiar.The gameplay is fast and simple, keeping players interested and active over the course of the game.The game has a short learning curve, so players can become competitive after playing only a round or two.When a tile placement connects a train to a station, the player scores one point per tile in the route and a train is removed from the board.