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When she was 18, she began reading tarot cards and learning more about astrology, magic, philosophy and occult religions.

“The interest just kept gathering speed over the years and I kept branching out into different things, one of which was spell casting,” she says.

It can result in some pretty personal admissions, she says, but the relationship between a customer and a witch is similar to doctor-patient confidentiality.

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“Essentially the service is practical in nature,” she explains.“People pay me for the work that’s done; I do the work; they have the photographs to prove the work’s been done.Ms Zasikowski’s mother had a broad collection of tomes on the family bookshelf about different esoteric topics that the teenager would pick up and read.The books on some of the more occult subjects piqued her interest more than boring reference books or histories and Ms Zasikowski began delving deeper into the area.At the same, her personal online business selling direct to customers wasn’t as built up and most of her business came through e Bay.

“It was a huge worry at the time.” An emotional Sir Cliff Richard with his legal team outside the High Court in London after he was awarded £210,000 in damages in his privacy battle against the BBC over their coverage of a police raid of his home Britain's new Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Dominic Raab leaves 10 Downing Street after it was announced he was appointed to the job.If people talk to me about something that’s bothering them, I won’t ignore them but I’ll gently steer them in a direction to friends, a loved one, or if it’s necessary, professional advice.” There’s a pause.“I do try and keep a boundary in place.” The Welsh witch first realised she was able to cast spells when she began dabbling in the dark arts for friends or family – and on occasion, herself.Whether the hoped for effect actually happens is up to fate.It might sound odd to some, but many do avail themselves of Ms Zasikowski’s services – “a steady stream”, she says.I have been interested in the pagan path for the last couple of years and love to spend weekends away in Glastonbury .....