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Dual SIM phones are common in developing countries, especially in Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent, with local firms like Karbonn Mobiles, LYF, Micromax and Cherry Mobile releasing feature phones and smartphones incorporating multiple SIM slots.The French Wiko Mobile is also an example of rebadged Chinese Dual-SIM phones sold in few European countries as well as in North-West Africa.Dual SIMs are popular in locations where lower prices apply to calls between clients of the same provider; they also allow separate numbers for personal and business calls on the same handset.

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The number comes along with a package of interesting features.

For example, you can have your voice calls recorded and converted into text and eventually sent to your email.

It gives you two free phone numbers, but the service is not entirely free.

Although there is no contract or set-up fee, you pay per month for all local and long-distance calls in the U. If you make a lot of long-distance calls in the continental U.

You can also have your old phone number ported to the Google Voice service.

More » The i Num project is interesting because the company's aim is to provide one number for the world.Phonebooth includes voice-to-text transcription of voicemails, an auto-attendant, and HD quality audio.More » Call Centric offers a free phone number in a limited number of areas of New York State. The free number comes with three inbound channels and the possibility of adding other channels for free. You can use a 883 number as a virtual number and be contacted through a phone and another communication device anywhere in the world, without having to worry about area codes and associated rates.INum numbers are available through the i Num service providers that are listed on the i Num website.The phones, which also usually include touch screen interfaces and other modern features, typically retail for a much lower price than branded models.