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For more information, see the following examples: AWS has removed all Windows AMIs dated 20 due to an issue with an unquoted path in the configuration for the Amazon EC2 Hibernate Agent.For more information, see Issue with the Hibernate Agent (20 AMIs).This chapter focuses on the RPM and DEB formats, which are used by a majority of installed distributions.

To be notified when new AMIs are released or when previously released AMIs are made private, subscribe for notifications using Amazon SNS.To subscribe to Windows AMI notifications AWS provides updated, fully-patched Windows AMIs within five business days of Microsoft's patch Tuesday (the second Tuesday of each month).Redhat, Centos and Fedora Linux software is primarily available in Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) files.Regular RPM package files are used for installations in which the kernel, or master program, hasn't been customized in any way.Microsoft recently announced that they will not release monthly patches or security updates for the month of February.

All February patches and security updates will be included in the March update.There will be times when you will be required to install additional prerequisite Perl modules prior to the installation of your packages.Knowledge of how to install Perl modules is a valuable component of a Linux systems administrators' skill set.The Perl programming language is often used by Linux software developers to create their programs.Perl relies on the presence of certain libraries, or "modules", to work correctly and many Linux distributions install Perl with only the most commonly used ones.The procedure for installing source RPMs involves recompiling source code to fit the needs of these kernel customizations.