Not updating visual studio 2016

Then, install all future versions of Visual Assist using its installers, which you can obtain easily via notifications by Visual Assist.

If you instead install a future version of Visual Assist from the Visual Studio Gallery, Visual Studio will enable automatic updates irrespective of your preference prior to the update.

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Additionally, Visual Studio 2015 can automatically update Visual Assist without your confirmation.

If you are within your term of software maintenance for Visual Assist and you intend to renew maintenance upon its expiration, you can get notifications and install updates using Visual Studio or Visual Assist.

To avoid unwanted updates, you should disable the automatic updates prior to the expiration of your software maintenance for Visual Assist.

If you are running a version of Visual Assist you are qualified to run, disable automatic updates in Tools | Extensions and Updates.

Visual Studio doesn’t always refresh the git remote/published branches in the Branches View.

My solution to force a sync in Visual Studio is calling the git remote “prune” command (

Update: I was just told that unloading and reloading the project file might help too.

I suspect that under the cover this also modifies the SUO file and solves the issue.

This command will immediately detect new remote branches or remove the “stale” branches.

You might have seen this before: You open a project in Visual Studio, and almost every possible keyword is underlined red.

Notifications from Visual Studio, and its subsequent updating of Visual Assist, occur without knowledge of the term of your software maintenance for Visual Assist.