Nokia n95 stopped updating now dead

Focusing is a bit slow, as is the post-shutter processing, but hey, remember, it's still a phone.

We also found the device to be a little smaller than expected -- if you're used to a Wizard, you'll feel right at home with the N95's shape and size, and the slightly rubberized back is a welcome touch.As expected, the N95 is cursed with S60's infernal "out of memory" messages, though they're easy enough to solve by simply following instructions and closing a couple open apps. Cost aside, this is one of the best smartphones and perhaps the best S60 device we've ever laid hands on, but let's be honest, 0 can be a tough pill to swallow -- especially considering we get nothing better than EDGE data.Speaking of music, audio is one of the N95's big pushes with integrated stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth, a 3.5mm jack, FM radio, and a whole keypad devoted to music controls.As audio players go, the N95's bundled software is nothing to write home about, but we were delighted with sound quality.For unlocked customers, the phone is available in "plum" and "sand" rears, while the front is always dressed in the typical Nokia silver.

We'd have preferred black, but we suppose they could be saving that for a Music Edition down the road.We've seen this coming for a while, as Nokia said it would start moving away from Symbian in 2011.But this is the period at the end of the sentence: the final chapter for the first cellular smartphone OS.I was a Symbian user myself for a few years, thanks to the amazing Nokia N95 and E71.In my mind, these were the two finest Symbian products, and the best Nokia products, in all of history: the ultimate multimedia phone and the perfect messaging phone. Nokia and Sony Ericsson also stepped away from making CDMA phones, locking Symbian out of Sprint, Verizon, Alltel and other carriers.When pundits claim that the i Phone was the "first smartphone" - or anything like that - I rage silently, because it's so far from the truth.