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This last one a fair attempt to Mc Carthy’s classic. I featured them on the blog in the past and tried to interview one of the band members, but sadly never got his answers back. Once an important port for shipping grain and a coal mining town, it is still a small fishing port making use of traditional coble boats.

The Love-Birds: some fine guitar pop from this San Francisco four piece on vinyl LP and CD. It is widely although mistakenly noted that the town was originally called ‘South Wallerick’, and renamed Newbiggin after the Danish invasion.

I notice here on the credits that perhaps during these first years of the band they had a different lineup. I couldn’t find any other bands, on Discogs, that Anders might have been involved but I do find that Claes Westling had been in one called The Supreme Court that released a 7″ in 1985. It is interesting that on this same record we see that Per Ejemann played guitar and vocals. So perhaps “Wintertime” was a song from this period? In it I can find other bands the Drug members were involved with. So when I stumble upon a brilliant album like “Too Much Too Fast” by the Davis, California, band Pastel Dream, I know what I’m doing is the right thing. The band is formed by Caitlyn Whitfield, Carlos Pineda, Sara Forestieri, Branding Findling and Greta Soos.Claes and Anders are still, I suppose they were the core of the band, Jan was drumming, just like the first record, but Johan Linde played guitar and there were female vocals thanks to Pia Rahmberg. For example I could find that Anders Nylander had been in a band called Baden Baden during the 80s and in Maydream in the late 90s. I stumble on Rateyourmusic with the place the band was from, Vadstena. Vadstena (Swedish pronunciation: [²vasːˌteːna]) is a locality and the seat of Vadstena Municipality, Östergötland County, Sweden, with 5,613 inhabitants in 2010.[1] From 1974 to 1979 Vadstena was administered as part of Motala Municipality. I believe the album is only available as a digital release so far. The album is a bit short, 9 songs, but I have no complains, it is, as I said earlier, gorgeous. Verben: the latest from the Spanish label Fikasound is this compilation of songs by J.I will try to get some of these records in the near future, so far I’ve only listened to their music on what’s available on the web.Just spent quite a lot of money in new records last week. The first song I heard by them is the jangly “Wintertime”. It turns out it was an A side for a 7″ that was released in 1991 by the legendary Swedish label Ceilidh Productions. The B side for the record was “Daybreak” which is also a very nice song, though a bit moodier I’d say.The label was based in Johanneshov and was active between 19. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Listen Drug – Wintertime Enjoying the last few matches of the World Cup.

That same year, on an LP compilation called “Bommen Bandstand Vol.1” that was released by Public Road Records (PR 388), the band contributed the song “Candle”. The first lineup from 1989 has Claes, Anders, Jan and Tor Sigvardsson on keyboards. It seems France will win it for the second time, right? I’ve got so many people asking for records and this is by far the time I will be bringing with me more records than ever than any of my previous trips! Pastel Dream: I love finding gorgeous indiepop, that’s why I keep doing this blog.

It was released on CD and included 10 songs: “Unnerved”, “Tranquilizer”, “Sister”, “From March to May”, “The Birds”, “Shadow in My Heart”, “The Red Wind”, “Write Me a Sign”, “Bloodshed” and “Magic Rain”.

Now the band had expanded and lost its first drummer.

They must be a different band with the same name, Drug. There are terrific songs like “Sorda” or “Solo te Acuerdas de Mí en Campaña”, and other ones that are not my cup of tea.

The label Ceilidh has information about many Swedish bands from the period. Well, there are 20 songs, and there is something for everyone in here.

I was able to get their latest CD EP a few months ago too, the one called “Wake With Moon Tide”. Yes it is only digital so far, no records, but they do have t-shirts.