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Scream 3 writer Ehren Kruger was brought in during production to do re-writes.

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After evidence is found in Sidney's rental car, Sidney becomes a suspect in the murders and must stay in town until the murders are solved.

Sidney's cousin, Jill, who is dealing with the betrayal of her ex-boyfriend, Trevor Sheldon, gets a threatening phone call from Ghostface, as does her friend Olivia Morris.

She also discovers that Jill has left the house and gone to Kirby's.

Sidney goes down to tell Kate, but the killer appears, kills Kate, and disappears again.

Sidney and Jill rush in to save Olivia, but the killer injures them and gets away; Sidney and Jill are taken to the hospital.

In the hospital's parking garage, Ghostface murders Rebecca.Gale, trying to solve the murders, enlists the help of two high school movie fanatics, Charlie Walker and Robbie Mercer, who explain that the killer is using the rules of movie remakes.Charlie concludes that the killer will likely strike at a party being held that night. Ghostface injures her but flees when Dewey arrives. At Jill's house, Sidney discovers that the policemen assigned to guard the house are dead.In April 2011, it was reported that the Weinsteins had settled out of court with Konrad, the details remaining confidential, though it was claimed that she would receive a cash payment plus a percentage of the profits from Scream 4.Craven stated that within the ten years that have passed between Scream 3 and Scream 4, there have been no "real life" Ghostface murders but have been numerous sequels to the film-within-a-film Stab.After Deputy Judy Hicks arrives, Sidney rushes to Kirby's house to save Jill on her own.