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Garden Walk Buffalo is a self-guided tour of more than 400 gardens.

There are no officially designated parking areas and no designated start or end point.

There are no tickets required and no cost for touring the gardens. Buses will circulate between the headquarters this year, stopping at select shuttle stops in many of the Walk neighborhoods.Garden Walk Buffalo is kept free through generous contributions of participants and visitors like you, as well as through the generosity of its sponsors.There are plenty of stores along Elmwood Avenue and Allen Street that sell water and other beverages. Please ask a gardener if bringing a dog onto their property is okay.Be aware that many yards and gardens have narrow paths or walkways that make pushing a stroller difficult. If you can't make Garden Walk Buffalo, there are plenty of other great garden tours in the area – almost every weekend of the summer.There’s no such thing as a perfect garden, so don’t panic. Your homeowner’s insurance also covers visitors on your property.

If there is a part of your garden you don't want visitors to enter, rope it off or put up a note. During the 24 years of the Walk, there have been no incidents!To be a Garden Walk Buffalo garden, your garden doesn’t need to be perfect. To register your garden, all we ask is that you are excited to share it with visitors.You can choose to share your front, side, or back yard—or all three—you decide!There is generally ample parking along the streets in the area of the Walk.Garden Walk is a free, self-guided tour of more than 400 gardens.They will also be available at two headquarters and two satellite locations, during the days and hours of the Walk. Garden Walk Buffalo is always the last full weekend in July. At any headquarters you can use restrooms or find water available to purchase.