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As a youngster growing up in a remote part of Britain with a weak 56K dial-up connection, a Windows PC and friends scattered all over the country (and eventually world), apps like MSN Messenger repurposing business tools like Net Meeting was so much fun, but I can reflect on it in an age that will never know the joys of direct dialling an IP address.

I’m tipping my hat to you, Microsoft Net Meeting, and I don’t even wear a hat. If you’re genuinely too young to remember such a connection then it can be summed up as being roughly five times slower than the speed you get when your ISP throttles you (256kbps) with all the joys of random disconnects, periods of complete inactivity and “Dad, did you pick up the phone? At this time, Microsoft dominated the instant messaging space with its MSN Messenger IM service, later known as MSN Messenger Service and Windows Live Messenger amongst others.

If you want to try out one of the first applications that allowed users to see each other while they spoke, download Windows Net Meeting right now for free.

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Data conferencing includes application-sharing, chat, whiteboard, and file transfer features.Other features include remote-desktop sharing and gatekeeper support. The overriding design goal in Net Meeting 3 is ease of use for both the end user and the Web developer.Your applications will work well with the existing Windows Net Meeting installed base and work even better with Net Meeting 3 clients.Net Meeting permits creation of Web-based and traditional applications that provide enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities.

Such applications range from e-commerce Web sites providing video and audio communication with customer service representatives, to help-desk applications, to collaboration on documents in real time across a network.It uses the H.323 protocol for videoconferencing, and is interoperable with Open H323-based clients such as Ekiga, Open H323, and Internet Locator Service (ILS) as reflector. Before video service became common on free IM clients, such as Yahoo!Messenger and MSN Messenger, Net Meeting was a popular way to perform video conferences and chatting over the Internet (with the help of public ILS servers, or "direct-dialing" to an IP address).Net Meeting 3 provides components for a wide range of developers.The Net Meeting 3 API provides a scripting guide for Web developers and other scripting application developers, a low-level T.120 application guide, and a COM guide.Furthermore, it's necessary to know the IP of the person with which we want to communicate, which can be somewhat complex for those users that aren't experienced Internet users.