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That means that I recommend the New Members search (these girls always reply) or the Glamorous Chinese Women Photo Gallery (here you can find the hottest girls).​Don’t say that you didn’t expect it.

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Continue reading if you want to see the screenshots of their replies…​When I joined China Love Cupid for free and when I later upgraded my account to a Platinum membership (more on that in a bit), I had a vision and a mission., I had to (and wanted to) chat with the female members…but first I had to come up with a message.The message I came up with won’t win the Nobel Prize in literature, but it was enough to motivate 62 young Chinese girls to reply to me.The fact that they are not married yet is a shame for their family and a tragedy for them.A Chinese woman in her late twenties doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking to herself She wakes up in the morning praying to Yue Lao, the god of marriage, that she’ll log into her China Love Cupid dashboard and find a message from you.I’m just a regular dude who decided to conduct a China Love Cupid Review Experiment.

And this experiment has led to 62 replies from beautiful Chinese girls and a smile on my face.There are just too many and I’m afraid that your fingers will crack after scrolling down for three hours.Let’s start with a cute Chinese girl who wants to go on a date with me, even though she doesn’t get the compliment I made about her lips…, but I’m 100% sure that you will experience the same.​My results in Shenzhen were good, but not comparable to the flood of messages I got from the girls in Shanghai.In every Western country guys would fight to marry a girl like her.This is your chance.​Well, I’m not a fortune teller.Due to a culture that labels women who are not married in their twenties as hopeless cases, it's really easy to meet girls on this site. We know each other since we were babies and I thought that nothing he could do or say would shock me. About one month before became he shocked the shit out of me…I hope he will never read this review because he’ll kick me in the balls for what I’m about to say now. My friend is (nicely said) a bit overweight and not the kind of guy you see on the cover of GQ magazine, whereas his Chinese wife is absolutely stunning. is because I wanted to know if the girls on this dating site are as beautiful, as caring, and as supportive as my best friend’s wife.