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Also protect me from any #Dearcustomer that decides to pick a fight with me or just let me have the first punch 30mins into my shift and there's been a puker and a few yellers #dearcustomer don't ever mistake my patience as an inability to protect myself The next time you decide to grab my arm tight,ill elbow jab you and hook punch you in the throat.

You will NEVER talk again Did people get a dose of stupid? We are a movement grown in Canada, born in the entertainment industry.

I am not afraid to try something new—at least once—maybe twice. Interesting…George with the round face and glasses chose me in January, while, unbeknownst to him I was campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Good to know before I went to the trouble of putting on lipstick and drinking a latte.

The number of women who have advised me lately “make him think it’s his idea”? Has a man ever been told to “make her think it’s her idea”? I had a girl show up.I questioned her, she tried justifying how she did no wrong and I was the one who was shallow 🤔 Then there was the guy who showed up and thought I'd switch teams Yes, yes.. see you in TO😘 As a person who's been catfished.believe you might give in.There’s no denying the huge impact online dating, and more specifically dating apps, have had on the romantic lives of people around the world.It seems as though these days, we’ve all either dabbled in online dating ourselves or know somebody who has.i have a big newsletter full of art tomorrow so sign up for the Dark Bird Gazette if you want a front row seat to view the full catastrope of my art (CLIK RITE HEAR) Crow Man--- Three Paintings of Dead Cowboys....(obsessive, compulsive or desperate take your choice) Dec 14 2015 Doors leading to Doors leading to Doors (inside the Dark Bird Palace) Concrete floors enclosed metal buildings heating and air & artificial lighting all conspire against me & the primal connection i feel to nature when im at the Dark Bird Palace where i can meditate on the mountain to the East gaze at the Rockies to the North contemplate Time and the vast Caldera to the west or simply paint like a wild coyote all day long inside my increasingly iconoclastic desert stronghold...i dreamed i fell off a ladder tumbling for days rolling for months i gave up trying to control the fall and starting enjoying the ride but im still staying clear of ladders for a while Genesis of a Dark Bird--- about 40 x 70 oily on a loose canvas August 10th 2015 come to the Dark Bird Palace at the Tesuque Flea Market to see moore art from undoubtedly the most famous flea market artist alive today the Wings of a Dark Bird--- oily on a 70 x 20 closet door this week at the flea it was so hot i felt like Ken in Barbies EZ bake oven but life at the market rolls on inevitability seeming vaguely oddly clear to me something is happening that has already been named by a God far far away and so when it gets July hot i keep frozen bananas in mind to help maintain the proper perspective about where someone who paints pretty pictures at a flea market fits on the banana tree of self when someone questions why you didnt meet them on the high road of life get a big shovel and tunnel around all their bull shit thats nicely piled up to to resemble a stinky brown mountain with a road that leads you right straight to their self serving door the Protection Painting (by Gold and Silver)--- about 20 x 30 multicrappia on a kitchen drawer at the flea yesterday i bought a big rack of elk horns from a fellow from espanola i put them atop my head & charged down the aisle like a crzy buck i wonder if elk ever pretend to be dark birds?

clik hear 4 New Art Join the Dark Bird Gazette the Dark Bird Palace (the Shed) Absurdity is my Friend (million selling NYT best sellr 4 sure) Visit me at 821 Canyon Road (Friday -sunday) New Art here on the front page Kidnaps the Tricksters 24 x 30 oily on a nice bord In Processss big oily January 29 2018 lots and lots of art in process lots and lots of ink drawings in process and 4 art books in process will i finish it before its too late?

Following in Tinder’s footsteps, Bumble also offers a premium service which allows users to unlock additional features for a monthly fee.

Bringing up the rear is relative newcomer Huggle, an app which matches users based on mutual interests and common locations.

While Huggle is currently earning just 7p per minute, with a growing number of active users and celebrity fans, could 2018 be the year it climbs the rankings?

Now that I have lived in Chicago (my big new city) for seven months it is safe to tell you the “stuff” I know for sure…at least in the scope of being a 53-year-old-single-empty-nesting-mother-of-four who has ventured into dating absolute strangers I’ve met online. But, as I previously stated, I used to like the chase. So, I have swiped left (or is it right…maybe that’s the problem? Before the lessons learned, here are some of my Online Dating highlights (aka disasters; aka fodder for humor; aka ??? Before we even met in person we realized through text exchange that we were neighbors.

caution hitchhikers maybe escaped convicts turn around its not too late stop here art made by real indians try our black jack tables roll the dice spin the wheel did you know Jesus died for your sins?