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Guess what I had to do in those two and a half years? If you believe that it’s truly God then you need to have the faith that God is able to tell him just like He told you.

Even if things look completely opposite in the natural, have faith.

My Pastor told me during my time of waiting and knowing that the more people you tell, the more opinions you have to battle with and the more seeds will be planted in your heart regarding what you believe God told you.

Let God give him full assurance of this and let God lead him on when and how to begin pursuing you.You want to make sure that he has FULL assurance so there won’t be any flip-flopping or going back and forth in your relationship about whether or not y’all should be together.By you trying to give him tips and clues it shows that you don’t really trust God to bring it to pass.One thing God showed me about that when I was in my waiting-doubting-faith process (yes, it was all of those things in one) was that you’re really operating in a spirit of seduction when you try to go around the guy more, try to get closer to him, and try to give him hints and clues to point him in your direction.God didn’t tell you so that you can go tell him and start pursuing him.

Your job is to simply wait and treat him like any other brother in Christ.

When your good looks, charm, or whatever it was that you used to catch him fades or he no longer takes interest in them, nothing will make him stay with you; he’s disinterested now (but a real man of God would not even fall for that).

You want the foundation of your relationship to be the Word of God which never fades away!

And I told my friends when I felt led to tell them, and in fact for the first nearly year and a half of the two and a half years that I knew, none of them knew – and when I did tell them, I only told TWO of them.

Trust me, when it comes to pass you’ll get plenty of chances to tell everybody how you been knew, LOL. When you do that you’re pretty much saying, “God I know You gave me this word but I really think that You need my help to bring it to pass, so let me help You out a little bit.

I’ve heard of and know of other women who thought they heard from God regarding who their future spouse was to be, they got many “confirmations” and it turned out not to be from God at all because it didn’t come to past and/or the guy married someone else. Don’t go telling everybody who is willing to listen.