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The image that Steven Austin described as "Twenty-five foot thickness of stratified pyroclastic flow deposit which accumulated in less than one day on June 12, 1980" is just a small, and untypical segment of the total mass of the 1980 Mt. Exposed in an actively eroding river bank, it obviously is a small segment that will not survive for very long either.One last error of the "just plain not true" sort is that not a single one of these features from the Mt. The errors are many, and vary between just plain not true, and subtly not true.

Saint Helens volcano could possibly have formed underwater in the midst of a global flood.

It also forms a sad example of how creationists cannot bring themselves to tell the truth.

So, layers formed as the ash fall continued for over 12 hours.

These layers were quite different from the water carried sediments most people are familiar with, and creationists like to attribute to "the Noah's flood." The top section of the creationists "little grand canyon" is a well mixed dark colored sediment that is a combination of all the erupted materials, weathered soils, and a strong plant material fraction.

Finally, looking at the exposed bank we see that a lot of weathered dark organic rich soil was added to the ash and volcanic rock mix.

This is the source of the dark "cap" from the creationist's "strata" photo.

I became actively involved in the creationist anti-science debate over 20 years ago while the Curator of Anthropology, and Director of Education for the Orange County Museum of Natural History. Twenty-five foot thickness of stratified pyroclastic flow deposit which accumulated in less than one day on June 12, 1980. Austin, Presented at the First International Conference on Creationism, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 4–9, 1986. The first gross error of the "just pain" variety is that this geology is analogous or related to the Grand Canyon.

******** Disclaimer: Comments are the responsiblity of their author(s). The stratified flow deposit forms the floor of the pit in Figure 1 which was later eroded by mudflows to make the cliff exposure here. Published in: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Creationism, R. There are actually three reasons it is not, first is that the there is no competent geologist that would think the pictured Mt. Second, the evolution of this deposit is still very active and the pictured features are merely temporary.

Saint Helens volcanic eruption both "proved" that the Grand Canyon was deposited and carved out in the year of Noah's flood, and of course that Noah's Flood even occurred. This will produce a well mixed combination of older volcanic deposits, and a smaller amount of fresh material introduced by the eruption.

Chief in their "proof" is this photo attributed to Steven Austin of the Institute for Creation Research. What this deposit will not be is well sorted by size, nor will the larger fraction be at all rounded.

The source is what is called a "lahar flow." The next two photos are of the Mt. The first is an aerial shot showing the extent of a late lahar flow.