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Between lectures, projects, missions and dates, the four years since the invasion of the Lowardians had seemed but a moment.In all of that time, the two young people had managed to maintain a relationship based on friendship, trust and a love that went beyond anything most people their age ever experienced.

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Ron looked at her confused before tilting his head sideways."Kim... Ron smiled slightly although it didn't reach his eye's. 2010 model v8 engine, neon lights, leather seats, this is one sick ride." Ron belted out.Mankey...kissing hallway..good for me...loser...always" He blurted out. They continued walking towards where Monique left her car. Monique rolled her eyes."Yea thanks my bro TIO'd It for me. Ron stopped halfway getting in and mouthed TIO'd, confused."Tricked it out Ron." Monique called from inside the car ."Ah got it." He said as he got in. Now go get some sleep so you can spread that Ron shine tomorrow." She said heartily.New Beginnings I make no money from this just expanding my writing abilities .This story started during the last week of Their sophomore year all the movies got pushed back a year so that Kim and Ron started dating at the end of sophomore year. Ron barely noticed the snow globe with his and Kim's name in it, as it fell to the floor and shattered.Monique waited until he got inside before she drove home.

As she got out her car she noticed something blue in the passenger's seat. It was the Communicator that Kim's tech dude Wade gave Ron ,so he could have his own.

Monique didn't need to be a genius to figure that out. She managed to get Ron into some idle chat about normal topics: Rufus, Wrestling, Bueno nacho, etc. The ride home was mostly quite aside from the sound of breathing. Monique put her hand on his shoulder as he was getting out the car."Ron no matter what has happened you're not a loser. Ron looked at her for a second before busting out a true Ron style grin."Yea Mon no worries, the Ron-man never gets rained on.

Monique barely noticed that Ron had went around her and started walking in the direction of his house. I'll see ya later." He said before getting out and walking into the house.

Tears streamed down Ron's face as he turned and ran through the school, and out the front doors.

School was already out and everyone else had rushed home for the weekend, so the school was practically empty.

The Ronunicator she thinks it was called."Ron must have dropped it I'll give it to him tomorrow." She said pretty much to herself as she walked in the house pocketing the communicator.