Nkuli's most despairing moments came in 1984 when her mother, who had been in detention for almost a year, was sentenced to four years' imprisonment, of which two were suspended, for furthering the aims of the ANC.


She has very well dwelled herself with the busy schedule of her husband.

Walter, we always think of you, but we never know what to do, whether you are allowed a postcard or not.

Honchos of the Hospitality Sector Blessed with open vistas, high altitude and unique weather patterns, New Mexico is a popular destination for vacationers from all over the country looking to escape to a pleasant getaway in the midst of their busy lives.

In recent times, tourism has emerged as a driving force for New Mexico’s economy, generating It is also increasingly gaining notice as a health-conscious community, and contains many hospitals and a high per capita number of massage and alternative therapists.

It was not the volume that mattered, it was the quality, deep emotion and sincere expression of love which left an everlasting impression and kindled the fondest memories.

I shall always imagine you in that excellent and fine spirit which it so vividly depicted concerning the progress you have made with regard to family matters and the manner in which you have handled them, I can only repeat what I have said in the past — absolute superb.

.2 billion in taxes in 2011, with 5 million accruing to state and local governments.

In 2005 the federal government spent .03 on New Mexico for every dollar of tax revenue collected from the state.

Carlsbad Caverns, the Wild West, ancient pueblos and the Santa Fe Trail are just a few of the reasons visitors flock to visit New Mexico.

Spicy food, turquoise jewelry and weaving are part of a strong American Indian culture that remains in mosaic New Mexico.

The marriage news was only known to limited people and was held with all privacy.