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Guests included William Shatner, Isaac Asimov, Majel Barrett, Hal Clement, David Gerrold, Devra Lansing, Gene Roddenberry, George Takei, and Bill Theiss, costume designer who brought with him costumes that he had fans model.

Fans would photograph themselves on the bridge often wearing costumes.In 1973, the convention was retitled to the "International Star Trek Convention." This name would move on with Al Schuster when he split with the rest of the Committee in 1975. (convention), also known simply as the "Star Trek Con," or "Feb Con," or the "Committee Cons" (while Al Schuster was part of the Committee, called the "International Star Trek Convention"). In later years: Barbara Wenk, Wendy Lindboe, Louise Sachter, Stuart Grossman, Claire Eddy, Diane Duane and David Simmons served on the Committee. was a early and influential series of Star Trek conventions held in New York in 1972-1976. From the 1973 program book: Joan Winston & Elyse Pines/Elyse Rosenstein (Other members included Allan Asherman, Eileen Becker, Steve Rosenstein, Dana Anderson, Thom Anderson, Renee Bodner, Stu Hellinger, Devra Langsam, Deborah Langsam, Eileen Becker, Maureen Wilson, Joyce Yasner and Al Schuster) aka The Committee (Star Trek).Devra Langsam, a member of The Committee wrote about this con extensively in Star Trek Convention, or, how I spent my vacation, or What would I have done for aggravation if I hadn't been helping run a convention? For many years the event was simply referred to as "The Star Trek Convention" or the "Committee Con," the latter in reference to The Committee.

While Al Schuster was chair of The Committee (1972, 1973, 1974), it was also called the "International Star Trek Convention." Schuster took the name "International Star Trek Con" with him when he broke away to create Schuster Star Trek Conventions. As more conventions popped up in other cities and as the New York convention group split into two groups, the name "Star Trek Convention" became less unique.

That's the way that goes—we had help from a friend who had access to a real computer, so we were able to computerize our mailing list long before anybody besides big companies ever dreamed of that, and we sent out a progress report, which is what the Worldcons do, saying, "Hey, look at this.

We've invited this person to come, and he says he's going to come." We didn't say how much we had to pay him.

There's a whole busload from Toronto.'"The convention was dreamed up and organized by three adult sci-fi freaks and show buffs, but it seemed to have been taken over completely by kids -- they manned most of the tables and did most of the trading.

Few people over 16 were in sight, but there were plenty of 10- and even eight-year-olds lugging around huge suitcases crammed with treasured nuggets of Startrekia, and they approached the business at hand with the same circumspection that's evident at a big Parke-Bernet event. ' 'Some early glossies, to trade for Shatner shots only.' 'So, let's have a look.""The auditorium had seating for 500 - and 1500 crowded in to hear Roddenberry speak.

The first convention was held January 21-23, 1972 at the Statler Hilton and featured guests (Gene Roddenberry, Majel Barrett, Isaac Asimov, Hal Clement and D. Fontana), an art show, a costume call, NASA space displays (moon rocks and an astronaut suit), and a hospitality room.