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In fact at one point it was actually stationary for a long period over the Ipswich area!

This transpired to be a re-union of their old Unit, the 406th Fighter Interceptor Wing at RAF Manston, near Margate.Harry, naturally having the opportunity to quiz a pilot (as every ufologist should do! Upon hearing her reply, Harry said to me later, that he then realised, as a UFO investigator, he had ‘struck gold’!I think it is worthy and necessary to explain how Harry accidentally came to meet Milton Torres in London in 1988, learnt about his flying ‘experience ’of 1957 and his subsequent ‘dogged’ diligence in following up with written questions to the Mo D and the USAF!He, as usual, received the typical ‘stone-walling’ answers in return!Now from information and suggestions from a number of people, including the Mo D’s Air Historical Branch, I believe we can identify the Bases involved in issuing the ‘Order to Fire’!

For the aviation and technical minded reader, Milton has provided fuller explanatory notes describing how his onboard computer instrumentation worked with his weapon system.The idea was to probe and try to defeat the Soviet defence radar systems by flying low under their radar. Our Squadron aircrew, on returning, used to joke that they had again waved at ‘Ivan’ going past in the opposite direction!This was a regular ‘war game’ acknowledged by both sides. Since I wrote the original article, more information has come my way. Pilot Milton Torres has supplied some extra detail about his cockpit weapons system and told me about visits he made to two of our RAF Bases which are relevant to his UFO encounter and his subsequent authorisation to launch his weapons by the Mo D! I had filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request to the Mo D about this event, and now have received an informative reply.3).He retired from the USAF in 1977 with the rank of Major.I think it would be of interest to mention a few facts and the timescale of Milton’s Squadron operations at Manston.I can verify that during my own past RAF experience while stationed in West Germany in the early 1960’s, that at least once a month, one of my ‘80’ Squadron’s Canberra P.