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Michael updates his radio family on the Antwon Rose shooting, the murder of 15-year-old Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz - in the Bronx, and the death of Joe Jackson.

Also, the Hot Topic Of The Day, Is It Difficult For Men To Admit They Were Sexually...

Tune into the Michael Baisden show for breaking news and today’s hot topics, Does marriage change you physically and mentally?

This show makes you think twice about believing in spirits, and it’ll...

Having a successful marriage seems impossible if you only listen to people who have failed at them.

Then the conversation turns to the hot topic of the day, Men Have Issues Too!

Donald Trump continues to stir up controversy with the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles regarding kneeling during the national anthem.

California Couple Has Raised More Than Million To Reunite Immigrant Families Separated At The Border.

And Michael gets the listeners engaged with the Hot...Also, tune in for the hot topic of the day, Should Women Feel Guilty For Earning More Than Their Men And Are They More Likely To Divorce?Michael discussed the controversy surrounding and MSNBC host Joy-Ann Reid and thousands march in New York against gun violence.Michael tackles the breaking news about a 10-year-old handcuffed.By police in a case of mistaken identity and a provocative story about rapper Drake. Thank you all for the love throughout the years, and hope you enjoy the show. Michael open up dialogue about the trending of the 91 Yr-old man beaten while being told, “Go Back To Mexico” and a woman who was harassed by a man in Chicago who screamed at her because she was wearing a T-Shirt with a Puerto Rican flag on...